Lydia Bean is the fighter North Texas needs. A small business owner and former teacher, Lydia will go to Congress and stand up to Republicans like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump who have failed Texans. 


“Our leaders are putting their politics ahead of science, facts, and doing what’s right. I’ll go to Congress and fight for us and I won’t stop until we have an economy that works for middle class families again.” 

ECONOMY: Putting middle class families first

“I will always put working and middle class families first and I won’t stop fighting until we get our economy working for regular Texans again.”


  • Make big corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share

  • Lower taxes for small businesses and families

EDUCATION: A path to success for every student

“I come from a family of public school teachers, and as a former teacher myself, education will always be one of my top priorities because I believe every high school graduate in Texas should be prepared to succeed whether they are headed to college or right into the workforce.” 


  • Invest in local schools, job and skills training, and apprenticeship programs 

  • Support local community colleges 

  • Make college affordable so students aren’t burdened with debt after graduation 

COVID-19: Following the science and listening to experts

“We need to be making decisions based on facts, not the whims of self-serving politicians.” 


  • Follow the advice of public health experts on how to reopen safely 

  • Fight for equality and fast vaccine distribution for all Texans

  • Increase oversight to make sure resources are getting to the small business that need it, not big corporations with piles of cash in the bank

HEALTH CARE: Lower prices and increase access

“No Texan should forgo care because they can’t afford to see a doctor or pay for their prescriptions. 


  • Allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices to lower the costs 

  • Introduce a public option and make insurance companies compete, lowering prices for everyone and helping entrepreneurs provide quality health care 

  • Protect a woman’s access to safe reproductive health care

INFRASTRUCTURE: Modernizing our energy grid 

“We must modernize our crumbling infrastructure to protect Texans and to create good jobs” 


  • Work with President Biden to modernize our electricity grid so that Texans are never left without power or heat during extreme weather again

  • Make badly needed investments in our roads, bridges, and transportation infrastructure to boost long-term economic growth

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