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Too many Texans still do not have access to health care. I have seen firsthand in my own family how gaps in medical coverage can lead to life-threatening health problems. Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Legislature have refused to expand Medicaid, which means that over a million Texans are going without health insurance. It is fiscally irresponsible not to expand Medicaid. I believe that all Texans should be able to earn paid sick time at their job so that they can stay home to care for themselves or a sick child. I helped found Working Texans for Paid Sick Time, a campaign that earned paid sick time for all workers in Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin.

As a new mom, Lydia will work for policies that reduce maternal and infant mortality. Texas has the highest rate of death due to childbirth in the country, and that needs to change. She will work to ensure that all women have access to quality reproductive healthcare, including cancer screenings, birth control, and prenatal and postnatal care. Lydia believes that the decision of whether and how to become a parent is a deeply personal one, and she trusts Texas women to make these decisions in consultation with their family, healthcare provider, and faith.

Send me to Austin to fight for Medicaid expansion and affordable, accessible healthcare for all Texans.

Good, Safe Jobs

I have had experience as both a nonprofit employer and small business owner. I am a Business Director and part-owner of RE: site Studio, a fast-growing public art business that I helped build with my husband, Norman Lee. As an advocate for good, safe jobs, I prioritize smart public policy that helps working families and spurs economic growth and entrepreneurship. Texans need good, safe jobs that help families thrive. Visit our COVID-19 page for more information about how to stay safe during this pandemic.


I come from a family of educators. We believe that education can be the most powerful tool to help mold our future leaders. Yet, Texas ranks 40th nationally in per-student funding. Underfunding our public schools hurts our children, teachers and our community. We need to invest in the future of our student’s education. Every child should have a good, quality education no matter their upbringing, zip code or family income. Send me to Austin to champion for fully funded public schools and quality Pre-K. Send me to Austin to fight for your family.