Lydia Bean is a new mother, small business owner, and community leader who has worked across partisan lines and brought people together to make real change. As the daughter of a teacher and a pastor, Lydia’s parents taught her to stand up for what she believes in. Lydia put that lesson to work when she founded Faith in Texas, a nonprofit organization that brings faith communities together to work toward change in their schools, cities, and state. While leading Faith in Texas, Lydia organized faith leaders to protect Texas families from payday lenders who trap people in high-interest loans. 


Lydia believes our leaders are failing us. Texans, despite living in the energy capital of the world, have watched crumbling infrastructure cripple our cities when we needed it the most. The desire to win at all costs has led politicians to undermine our elections – the foundation of our democracy. And somehow, the simple act of wearing a mask to protect our neighbors has become a partisan dividing line.  Lydia has faith that America’s best days are ahead of us, as long as we send leaders to Washington who will stand up for what’s right and will work with anyone to give every Texan a fair shot. 

Lydia graduated from Austin College and holds a PhD in Sociology from Harvard University. She is the author of The Politics of Evangelical Identity and is a former professor at Baylor University who has written about faith, politics, and civic engagement for the Washington Post, Vox, and Washington Monthly. 

She and her husband, Norman Lee, co-own a fast-growing local small business, RE:site Studio. They live in Arlington with their nine-month old son and are members of Broadway Baptist Church in Ft. Worth. 

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